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Robby Echo rushes into a house and finds Madi Collins sitting on the floor, distressed and cradling her ankle. She admits that she was trying to change a lightbulb but fell. She's so grateful that Robby, who is her sibling's boyfriend, was available to come help her...Robby lifts Madi up with ease and brings her to her bedroom, setting her down. As he rubs her foot, checking for a sprain, he starts to notice inconsistencies in Madi's story... and her hesitation to go see a doctor. Finally, after some probing, Madi admits that it was all a ruse... She just wanted Robby's attention because she has a crush on him.Robby is shocked and tries to deny having any feelings for her, too, but Madi knows how to push his buttons. When Madi brings up how she knows Robby is often denied things he'd like to do in the bedroom, Robby starts to falter. When Madi promises that she'll do ANYTHING he wants, Robby's lustful curiosity gets the best of him.Things only get hotter from there as Robby uses his strength to maneuver the petite Madi into whatever position he pleases. Between hot kisses, he does everything from an aerial oral 69 to pounding Madi from below while in his arms. But for Robby, the ending is the ultimate treat as he gives Madi what his girlfriend NEVER allows: a facial cumshot.After such an adventurous romp, will Robby ever be able to go back to the way things were before?

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