[4K] Nina K & Tommy - 69 - SiteRip-01:02:27 | Size - 332.01 MB

[4K] Nina K & Tommy - 69 - SiteRip-01:02:27 | Size - 332.01 MB

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Before their first Tinder date, Nina and Tommy totally clicked during a three-hour phone call, and were enchanted by each other's voices. They went to his place after dinner, and "before we knew it, we were naked and getting wild!", Nina giggles. Now they're excited to share their love with us. Joy lights up Tommy's eyes as he strips off Nina's lacy bra, then caresses her buxom curves and sucks her nipples. Her panties come off next, and he buries his tongue in her silky-smooth pussy, giving her the first of many blissful orgasms. As they make out, Nina reaches into his boxers to get him hard, then spreads her legs to be ravished.Nina's voluptuous boobs are magnificent when she's sitting still, but they look truly breathtaking as they bounce while she's getting fucked. She gazes adoringly into Tommy's eyes, as he thrusts his cock deep inside her, making her cum twice in a row. Moving to the bed for a sultry 69, Nina moans to another intense climax with Tommy's dick in her mouth. She climbs on top so her breasts can jiggle against his muscular chest, then, gets on her hands and knees for an intense finale. "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum, you're so hot!" Tommy moans, and a bright smile floods Nina's face as she feels him explode inside her.

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