[MAX] BustySeaWitch Fluffer - 1.61 GB

[MAX] BustySeaWitch Fluffer - 1.61 GB

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[The trailer has music playing but the video only has music at the very beginning and end] ---------

The year is 1956. Sea discusses with her husband the potential of her getting a job, as he recently lost his and is unable to provide right now. She eagerly shows him something that she read in the paper this morning... an advertisement for someone seeking a Fluffer, offering nearly a dollar for the female-only position! A fluffer, what an odd term for a housemaid. They must have a lot of pillows, she jokes! The naive girl meets the advertiser in his home, excited to discuss the job, though, things quickly turn. She's led into a room full of men in various stages of nudity, many of them with their large throbbing cock in hand. Flustered and panicked, Sea explains that she's made a mistake and isn't actually interested in this position, but changes her mind when the man offered her a large sum of cash upfront. He explains that she doesn't need to do anything specific - just keep them erect. Desperate for money and frankly just confused by the entire situation, she agrees to do it. Sea takes her time stripping down to her undergarments - shocking the men with the large breasts that had been so well hidden beneath her coat. They take turns encouraging her to go further, insisting that titty fucks and blowjobs are a necessary part of this job. The sweet girl really has no idea what her job is! She couldn't let the advertiser take his money back, so she had to work hard for her husband's sake, plus... she really started to enjoy herself! ---------

Includes Sea pleasuring multiple men on screen as well as you in POV bukkake. Stripping, handjob, titjob, blowjob, many facials! ---------

FLUFFER: a person employed on a pornographic film set to ensure that male actors are kept aroused.

MAX-1.61 GB-Fluffer
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