Luna Sapphire No Nut Forever Chastity Orgasm Denial

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I have a plan for you, chastity slave, and it's much worse than anything you've tried before. This isn't Locktober, or No Nut November, or Denial December. This is something I call No Nut Forever! It's not enough for Me to deny you for only a month or a year - I want you locked for LIFE! You will be sexless for Me and you won't even be allowed to jerk. Absolutely no release is deserved for a lowly subservient bitch like yourself. You will worship My sexy curves and endure My relentless teasing but you'll never be allowed to cum again. I get off on the power of denying your orgasms and leaving you blue-balled for the rest of your pathetic existence. And you'll do absolutely anything to please your cruel, sensual Goddess.

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