Luna Sapphire Ruined Valentines Blackmail Homewrecker

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Happy Valentine's Day, bitch! I have something fun in mind this holiday. Instead of spending the night on the obligatory date with the wife, then coming home to jerk to Me - what if I ruined your Valentine's Day? What if I exposed you to wifey, telling her all about your secret life as My submissive, addicted slave? I think it would be funny to make your wife leave you because you're an unfaithful, inferior jerk-off addict. If you want to keep your marriage you'll have to pay the price. I am going to blackmail you into giving Me a BIG fat tribute, along with your wife's contact information and some humiliating evidence to threaten you with. I could bring your whole life crashing down - or you could obey Me and My greedy demands. What will it be, slut?

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