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I'm going to the pool, rub this sun screen on my back for me. That feels good...so how did you figure out the password to my phone? I have an app that tells me when people access it, I know it was you. And I know why too. You were looking at my nudies, pervert. Don't stop rubbing.Do you jack off to your own sister? I mean, I don't mind but I want to hear you say it. Rub lotion on my legs now. I've known you were sneaking peeks of me naked for a long time...and I kept adding news ones anyway. That's right, I like that you're turned on for me.Looks like you've got a hard on right now...let me help you with that. Rub it against me...yeah down there. Mmm oh God it's too much, you've got to put it inside of me.Fantasy includes: taboo, lotion, virtual sex, virtual creampie, missionary, foreplay, stripping, bikini, pov

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