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BlairLennox-ManyVids-Pee,Bathroom,Toilet Fetish,Toilet Humiliation,Wet & Messy

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My MOST DEPRAVED video ever! I have been slowly working my way up with piss play and I finally reached the point of becoming a Human Urinal. The video starts with me squatting on the toilet, legs spread, spraying into the toilet as I talk about being a Piss Slut and then we move to me being on the ground with my head right above the bowl I just filled with piss. Once my head is down in the toilet, he takes out his big dick and starts using me as his personal toilet, peeing all over my face and body and right into my mouth. You can watch me get drenched while the toilet bowl fills up with all of our pee. There are multple angles of the pee so you can see it happen in POV, and from a wide angle where you can see my whole body getting covered in his huge piss stream. While he's peeing I have my eyes looking up at him with my tongue out, eagerly waiting for him to drench me in his piss. By the time he's done peeing, all my makeup is soaked and running and I'm happily covered in his liquid gold. TAGS: human urinal, human toilet, piss slut, pee fetish, piss fetish, B/G pee, tattooed couple, tattooed piss, big dick piss, toilet fetish, girl peeing, shaved pussy, trimmed bush, pee in mouth, piss in mouth, pee in eyes, piss in eyes, pov piss, pov peeing, peeing on girl, uncircumcised, long piss, covered in piss, ruined makeup, wet and messy, head in toilet, depraved, humiliation, punishment, brunette, brown eyes, 4k, HD, multiple angles* TRAILER IS COMPRESSED BUT FULL VIDEO IS HD

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