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Kiki Cali-ManyVids-Age Play, Foot Worship, Halloween, Mistress, Slave training

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I've been captured by the Wicked Witch of the West and she's stolen my ruby slippers! I need them to protect me and my new friends along the journey home! As she sits pretty in her throne of monkey furs, she taunts and teases me with my ruby slippers on her elegant feet. And to earn back my slippers, she makes a wicked deal! I have to worship her Ruby heals that she loves so much cradling her feet AND her lovely feet as well. So I work hard at giving her ruby slippers and her wicked feet all the attention a bad witch deserves as I caress, lick, suck kiss, rub her shoes and feet till the Wicked Witch deems me worthy enough to have my ruby slippers back! .....she was right though, in the end, even after getting my slippers back, I don't want to go home after all this fun hehe. tags: ddlg, babygirl, slave, witch, little space, halloween

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Tags: Mistress, Slave Training, ManyVids, Kiki Cali, Foot Worship, Age Play, Halloween

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