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Freshie Juice-ManyVids-Comedy,Dildo Fucking,Funny Vid,Lesbian Domination,Solo masturbation

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This a Trailer to the Tribute to one of the funniest porn setups of all time.

FULL VIDEO HERE: www.manyvids.com/Video/1525610/Lemon-Stealing-Whores-The-Tribute/


Alexis Blake as Hayley

Freshie Juice as James Deen 

Allyson Bettie as Joanna Angel

Freshie and Alexis are sitting together discussing the beauty and majesty of their lemon tree, which is 100% real and not store bought lemons taped in a tree. Little do they know a lemon whore has snuck onto the property and begins stealing their priceless and perfect fruitful lemony lemons. Freshie and Alexis bound into action to protect their lemons, they accost Allyson the lemon whore and threaten her with lemon litigation as she's done over 2 million dollars in damages to their extremely real lemon tree. Freshie tells her she can pay off her lemon debt by fucking her and letting Alexis watch. Allyson decides this deal is better the going through lemon court and proceeds to fuck and suck Freshie with a huge double ended dildo while Alexis jerks off over them. Lots of nasty dirty talk and lemon talk during the sex and Freshie finally gags Allyson with a lemon before telling her she'll NEVER be able to work off this lemon debt!

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