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Freshie Juice-ManyVids-Taboo,Mind Fuck,Ruined Orgasms,Cum Eating Instruction,Femdom

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It's first thing in the morning, and you're in the kitchen ready to start the day. Mom Freshie looks down and sees not only are you hungry but you have a hard cock! Well Mommy is happy to help you out with both. You pull your cock out for Mom, and she proceeds to jerk and milk your cock, sucking it sometimes. Mom tells you how much she loves you and your big cock, and encourages you to bust a massive load in her mouth. But Mom isn't swallowing. No, your Mom opens her mouth and spits all of your cum into your breakfast cereal and then feeds it to you! Mom airplanes it into your mouth and tells you what a good boy you are. Eat it all up!

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