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My husband left to go to the bar with some friends and I couldn't come... So, I decided to have a little fun myself. After my husband left one of my big dick lovers came over. We sat around talking and flirting for awhile, then we started making out and slowing undressing each other. His cock was rock solid before I ever got his pants off and my pussy was dripping wet from the moment I texted him. I knew I was in for a good fuck when he said he would stop by. We went to the bedroom and I put his huge dick in mouth, it was throbbing and I knew he just wanted to push it inside me. But, around that time, my husband came home. The next day he told me he felt bad that I was home alone and came back early, but when he saw what I was up to he didn't feel so bad. Luckily, he pulled out the camera and started recording from a dark hallway outside the bedroom door, even stealthily sneaking into the room to get some close ups when our backs were turned. After the first thirty minutes of being pounded and getting my pussy stretched out, I did notice him. I saw him, but I pretended I didn't. I didn't want him to know that I knew he was watching. I wanted him to sit there with his dick in his hand. See what happens when you decide to leave me home alone. When my lover comes over I always get fucked so good! And I made sure my husband knew it.

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