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GoddessTaylorKnight-ManyVids-Ass Grinding,Femdom,Ass Worship,Female Domination,Big Butts

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Awe...Are you 1 of the unlucky Pathetic Losers that can't worship me in person? Well hey you can drool over this LIVE Unedited session clip of me face sitting virgin! It's filmed from right behind his head, so go on and imagine it's you. I know your OBSESSED with my strong perfect, nothing but perky, muscle ASS! Watch me twerk from the beginning showing him just how strong & capable of controlling his every breath my ass is. I just love the fear that sets in the eyes of you sissy's that think I'm some human Barbie doll Let's play a game, every time I cut off his breathing & come down on his face hold your breath. See if you would be able to handle me!! Every guy & girl cannot help but stare at this ass, so consider yourself a lucky little bitch!! I bet you smooch your pathetic face into your computer screen! I even put on pantyhose to be sure when I am covering him, he cannot take a breath And stay on him for extra long for the 1st face sitting. You sissy slave puppies need lots of hardcore training if your going to enter the #TaylorArmy
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