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MissWhitneyMorgan-ManyVids-Fat,Body Inflation,Inflatable Suits,BBW- SSBBW,Gaining Weight,SFW

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Miss Whitney Morgan has been packing on a few extra pounds lately, damned quarantine weight.. And just can't seem to shed the fat. She thinks it would be a great idea to hire her friend Kitty Quinn as a personal trainer, she's always so thin and fit, it would be amazing if she could help Whitney snap back into shape. What Whitney doesn't know is... even though Kitty as that perfect fit physique.. she really has a HUGE fetish for.. FAT! And although she swears she'll help Whitney work out.. she slips her ultra mega super duper max weigh gain shakes as a dietary suppliment! Instructing Whitney to "curb her hunger" have one of these shakes whenever she gets a craving.. Little does Whitney know, with every shake she keeps packing on more and more and more pounds.. Little by little watche the transformation from a curvy Whitney to mega ultra max SSBBW for Kitty's fetishistic delight! With every trip Kitty picks Whitney up to go to the gym, she's GAINED MORE! Eventually Whitney is SO HUGE she can't even get out of bed! PERFECT for Kitty! Now she can install the feeding tube to fatten Whitney up to the point of exploading, her fat flubber blubber belly perfect for Kitty to rub and caress! Whitney is totally immobile for Kitty to play with whenever she so desires! 

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