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This is the RAW POV Version of Nurse Me Til I Cum with Kendra Heart : Shot one on one with the model using just one camera , no cuts , no multiple angles just 100% POV. Jayson isn't feeling too well and needs some assistance. With a hurt foot he can barely walk back home. Its a good thing Nurse Kendra is on call! Kendra slowly helps Jayson through the door, makes a stop on the way to the bed to examine the injury. As she sits her nurse purse by his computer she finds a porn site displayed on the screen! She is beginning to wonder if Jayson really feels bad at all? After inquiring about the pornography, which Jayson denies, they make their way to the bedroom. Kendra unwraps the leg brace and proceeds to give Jayson a shot, she tells him its not what will make him better, she has an idea what will make his pain go away. No need to spoil the fun...watch this new cummer show her bedside manner in this hot vid and see if Jayson gets well! Check out the FULL version in 1080 MP4 filmed from multiple angles also available on my page

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