Blackmailing Your Slutty Sister

Bettie Bondage-Amateur-Oct 2 2016-12:22 min-Taboo, Role Play, POV, Blow Jobs, Blackmail Fantasy

Your sister has always been a total slut. This past weekend, you saw her through the neighbors window, giving him head while his wife was away! That's the last straw. You're going to get her so good! You confront her in her room, and of course she tells you to get out, teasing you about how she's the good kid and you're the bad one. As she begins to yell for mom to get you out of her room, you tell her about the photos you have of her and the neighbor. She's quick to play nice now...You tell her what you want...not money, not her car, want her mouth on your cock, just like she did to the neighbors. First, you make her show you her tits. She's pouting and angry, flashing you quickly. You make her shake her round ass at you, the one you've watched get nice and big lately. You have her lean back so you can look at her pussy...looks kind of wet...maybe she likes this? No...She sits up to take your cock, and when she pulls it out, she smirks. Unable to help herself, she tells you how big your dick is, before she puts it in her mouth. You can barely believe it, but she's actually moaning a little while sucking your dick. She denies enjoying it, but soon she's telling you all about how much she loves sucking cock, especially when its big like yours! She starts dirty talking you, telling you to cum all over her can you say no? You coat her face and mouth with your load while she smiles up at you.

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