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You're such a silly, laying there on my bed.pouting because I have another date.Mommy's explained it to you before, baby - we need a man around here to take care of the bills and stuff. So Mommy has to go out sometimes and date a man.yes, Mommy fucks the men, sweetie. You know that. How else am I gonna land us a big fish?Don't be jealous, son. You know you'll always be Mommy's favorite boy, no matter what.haven't you been Mommy's favorite ever since dad left? Mm-hmm.and hasn't Mommy told you before that no matter how many men I'll always be my favorite?That's right, my good boy.yours is the only cock I'll ever really love. But I still have to find us a stop being jealous. And stop lying there with your cock out, staring at me like that.Mommy will never get out the door if I start in with your dick, know I can't resist it. Oh baby, make Mommy's pussy so wet with that big-boy cock..But I've told you before that you can't fuck me before I go on a date - Mommy likes her pussy to be fresh and tight for new guys.but lie still and let me suck you off.okay, son? Let Mommy get a mouthful of her favorite cock of all, and remind you that you can never be my heart or my cunt.Mmmm baby, I love to wrap my lips around the boy I made one will ever love you like I do. Now be a good boy for Mommy and cum in my mouth. ** You came so big in Mommy's mouth, it dribble out of my mouth and roll back down your cock, over and over again. **

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