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You walk into your mom's office to find her looking rather forlorn. You've always been her secret-keeper, so you're surprised when she won't tell you what's wrong. It must be big. From the look on her face and the way she keeps nervously looking at her phone, it's huge. She tells you that she did something wrong. Coming from your mother, you know it's bad. You assure her you're not going to judge her, and if she wants to talk you're there. She hesitates, then tells you she'd love to get it off her chest. She admits that the other night, your sister's boyfriend made a pass at her...and, well...she liked it. She liked it so much that she snuck into their room while your sister was in bed with him, and watched him masturbate. Not only that, but she crawled into bed and let him suck her tits while he stroked! You can't believe what your mother is telling you...and it didn't stop there. She tells you how she liked it, the attention, his hard cock, how she sucked him off. She can tell you're getting aroused listening to her.At first she tries to play it off like she doesn't like it but it's no use. Soon, she's urging you to take out your cock and stroke to her. She pulls her gorgeous, natural breasts out and talks about when you were younger and would nurse. She even squeezes a few droplets of milk out, licking it off her fingers as she encourages you to jerk off for her, reaching out every so often to stroke you herself. She gives you a cum countdown and strokes you to completion with her hand before telling you that your sister's boyfriend is coming over again tonight - wonder what confession mom will have tomorrow

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