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(1080p, 60fps) I get a batch of rowdy young men like you in my art class every semester, but I will not give up! If you don't find the still life inspiring, there is always another way to get a boy's creative juices flowing.... Luckily for us, I know exactly what it'll take to hold your attention.A naked woman's body. Shh you don't need to speak, just pick up your pencil and draw what you see. I want your eyes on me, exploring me. Don't be afraid to look at my vagina... my nipples. Drag your pencil across the paper with the motion that follows my natural, soft curves.You're breathing pretty hard, I'm glad you're getting into this! Let me see your progress, don't be shy. Where are the drawings from the other two poses I did? I saw your hand moving quite fast, you were drawing, weren't you?You were... masturbating behind your drawing board?! I can't believe you had the nerve to take advantage of your naked teacher. Take it out. It's only fair... In fact, take off all of your clothes. It's about time we moved onto a more advanced lesson, young man.Touch me. Put your hand between my legs, feel the warmth... the wetness. You know, a true artist will use all of his senses to understand his subject. Ohhh, yes rub my pussy. I heard you want to fuck me, at least that's what you tell your friends. Are you all talk and no action? Show me then, if you're a real man.Fantasy includes: MILF, virtual sex, teacher/student, strip tease, nudity, posing, confrontation, seduction, virtual groping, virtual pussy rubbing, riding, reverse cowgirl, big ass, big tits, pov

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